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Thread: Border in the Irish Sea

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    Border in the Irish Sea

    Maybe the border in the Irish Sea isn't as bad an idea as it sounds if it applies to all goods from all of Ireland whether going to mainland UK or EU? That would solve the issue with regards to NI/Eire border and the travel requirement would allow time for relevant checks to take place with regard to duty/tariffs and standards. Internal standards and tariffs relating to EU/UK imports could be set by a joint NI/Eire body and both sides would be making concessions to ensure that trade/movement within Ireland was as frictionless as possible.


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    Re: Border in the Irish Sea

    Theresa May famously said that no British prime minister could tolerate a border down the Irish sea.

    I doubt if the Unionists would support it either as it tips the scales in favour of a united Ireland.
    Deal or No Deal?

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    Re: Border in the Irish Sea

    Think EU as likely to object as any Unionist due to "integrity of single market" concerns.

    Not sure how many people with any say are pushing for a united Ireland, think most happy to keep separate with good trade/relations. Dublin don't seem to want it (hassle & cost), EU probably not too happy about having to subsidise Ireland further whilst losing UK contributions and many in NI wont be too happy if they had to start having to pay Irish tax rates and fund medical treatment etc.

    Do wonder if it has even been discussed as a possible solution?



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