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Thread: Jack Dromey Amendment Passes

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    Jack Dromey Amendment Passes

    Jack Dromey's non binding amendment calling for no deal to be avoided has passed.
    Deal or No Deal?

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    Re: Jack Dromey Amendment Passes

    This is more significant than you might think, ok it's non binding but it still expressed the will of parliament and May can't ignore that. Now if as expected the EU refuse to reopen negotiations on the backstop, May will be forced to turn to Corbyn and a soft Brexit. Indeed Corbyn has already accepted an offer for talks with May.

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    Re: Jack Dromey Amendment Passes

    Yes, an amendment has passed but I don't think we will have alot of say on when the exit day expires. IF a date was to be extended it would have to be agreed upon by all and if the date doesn't get extended and there is no other plan in place then we will leave with 'no deal'. The amendment can't do anything to stop it.



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